My Best Nest: A Purple Martin Story
Purple Martin travels
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How martins disperse in their first few months after hatching

How far do martins disperse in their hatching summer?
What was the farthest distance recorded in these two articles?

International migration

What country recovered the most banded purple martins?

Purple Martin names in various languages

  • English: Purple martin
  • French: Hirodelle noire or Hirondelle pourpree
  • Portuguese: Andorinha púrpura
  • Spanish: Golondrina grande negruzca or Golondrina azul americana or Golondrina purpúrea
  • Cherokee: Clu-clu or Tlu-tlu
  • Chippewa: Mu-ku-dé-shau-shaú-wun-ni-bi-si
Where were these languages spoken when martins received these names?