My Best Nest: A Purple Martin Story
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Librarians! Invite a Purple-Martin Landlord to storytime to read this book to children, and to talk about being a martin landlord!

Please note this is a casebound book. Copies purchased from the non-profit conservation groups selling the book have been reinforced with library bookguard to ensure the book's hinge provides good circulation service. “My Best Nest: A Purple Martin Story” was created to benefit Purple Martins by introducing children to this wonderful species. Having a copy of the book in public library systems and in elementary schools is a key component of this book project.

To purchase the book contact the participating non-profit conservation organizations.

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100 Dellinger, Ree (will need to create an authority)

245 My best nest :#ba Purple Martin story /#cwritten and illustrated by Ree Dellinger; photographs by Joe Dellinger and James R. Hill III; endorsed by the Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas.

246 Purple Martin story

246 Best nest, My

260 Dallas, TX :#bP3 Press,#cc2009.


520 The story told in rhyme follows a mother Purple Martin through a day of nest building. A short natural history section is included.

650 Stories in rhyme.

650 Purple martin#xJuvenile fiction.

650 Purple martin#xJuvenile literature.

650 Nest building#xJuvenile fiction.

700 Dellinger, Joe A. (LC authority already exists)

700 Hill, James R.,#d1951- (will need to create an authority)

710 Purple Martin Landlords of North Texas. (will need to create an authority)

710 Purple Martin Conservation Association. (LC authority exists)