My Best Nest: A Purple Martin Story
School Scavenger hunt
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Open the book to the page shown at right.

Can you find:

  • A red tractor.
  • A green tractor.
  • Martin houses. How many can you find?
  • Three American flags.
  • A state flag. To which state does this flag belong?
  • Fruit orchards.
  • Recycling dumpsters.
  • A slide.
  • Farm silos. How many can you find?
  • Animals in the fields and yards. What kind of animals do you think they are?
  • Big yellow school buses.
  • One of the teachers rides a motorcycle. Can you find the motorcycle in the school parking lot?
  • Swimming pools. How many can you find?
  • The pond the martins like a lot.
  • The music teacher walks to school. She lives in a rosy-colored house with solar panels on the roof. Can you find her house?
  • Which house would you choose to live in? Why?