My Best Nest: A Purple Martin Story
What was that word again?
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This 1st edition of "My Best Nest" has a typographical error that resulted in a word substitution.

The repeated usage of the word "time" in the rhyme couplet shown below is the error.

 "One piece at a time, each time I carry.

   Busy at work, I feel quite merry."

The word the author intended uses the same four letters but in a different order.

What was the author's intended word?

Does the change affect the meaning of the sentence?

How would you have written the rhyme for this illustration?

One piece at a time, each item I carry.

Try various arrangements of the letters T, I, M, and E to find more English words spelled with just these letters.

Find a word that starts with each of the letters:

T  __  __  __

I   __  __  __

M  __  __  __

E  __  __  __

Which two words are something a Purple Martin can carry?

Which words can be a valuable asset?

Which of these words is solely used as a verb?

Which of these four words can be used as a noun? As adverbs?
Which word is for something that can make you itch?